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Questions and answers

How much will Scopist be?
The price of comparable services ranges between $20 to $50 per user per month. We intend to offer Scopist at a competitive price when it is ready.
How does it work?
Scopist joins your meeting like any other attendee, listens for keywords or marked moments, and uses machine learning to process the audio and turn it into transcribed keypoints.
How do I start with Scopist?
Simply add our GoToMeeting and integration or invite Scopist to any of your meetings using our  one step scheduler.
How to use Scopist?
Set your own keywords and make sure to use them during your meeting, this is how you tell Scopist what is important to write down. You can also use the live buttons to mark moments.
Is Scopist recording the call?
Scopist is recording the call to allow you to use the audio search. This enables you to search and listen to any interesting part of your meetings.
Can I have my own keywords?
Yes you can. While Scopist offers default keywords it is strongly advise that you create custom keywords so Scopist works with you current process.
Is my data safe?
All data is stored in highly secure data centers. Scopist is using the highest industry standards for its servers.

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