You Talk,
Scopist Writes

Get More Productive

How does it work

1 - Use keywords to wake Scopist when you need it

Scopist processes the audio 10 seconds before and 10 seconds after you say keywords. Scopist will also digest anything that you marked down during your meeting.

2 - Mark important key items

Use the Scopist live buttons to easily get Scopist to write down the key moments of your meeting by marking them when they happen. Before or after? It is doesn't matter.

3 - You get your notes

Scopist processes your meeting in about 2 hours and creates your follow-up notes automatically. Now you can easily share or read the follow-up of your meeting.

“Scopist is recording this call and taking notes. Remember to use your keywords”

Scopist will gently announce itself when the meeting is starting.

Scopist works for you

You Connect

Invite Scopist to your conference call using the 1 step scheduler or  the GoToMeeting and integrations.

You customize

Customize your keywords so that Scopist knows what is important in your meetings.

You get your notes

After your meeting, it sends you your notes that you can share with your team.

Spend your meeting time on what matters most. Put Scopist to work for you.

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