You Talk, 
Scopist Writes.

Our AI note taker joins your meeting & captures your highlights and action items. 
So you don’t have to.

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Boost your productivity

Automate your  follow-ups

Like a pro

Giving you more time to work on what matters most. Share action items, follow-up tasks, & meeting notes with your team.

Scopist takes notes

So you don't have to

Our AI Technology uses keywords to recognize specific action items during your meeting.

A summary after each meeting

To save you time

Scopist automatically creates a summary report after every meeting. You also get a searchable audio transcript. 

Scopist Takes Your Notes!

With Automated Meeting Notes and Audio Search, Scopist powers up your meetings.

You talk, Scopist writes

You say

"I'll make sure to follow-up to fix the cover page format on the TPS reports by tomorrow"

Scopist writes

Follow-up (1)
Fix cover page format on TPS reports by Wednesday 8th.

How does it work?

Scopist listens and processes your meeting audio.

Works with all your
favorite tools

1 - Connect Scopist with your favorite conference call services

It dials in into your meeting like any other attendee.

2 - Customize Scopist for your meetings

Identify meeting with keywords of your choice like "Action item" or "Follow-up" to alert Scopist when to take notes.

3 - Receive your Scopist Meeting Report

Scopist automatically creates a Meeting Report with a list of action items, searchable audio, and a full transcript.

Privacy and Security


Nobody but you can access your meeting notes. Your data is yours and only yours.


All data is stored in highly secure data centers. Scopist is using the highest industry standards for its servers.


You have the full control over your meetings. Only you can share or delete your meeting notes.

Spend your meeting time on what matters most. Put Scopist to work for you.

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